SamNektar to ekspercki cykl artykułów opracowywanych przez zespół specjalistów Beeffective (i prawdopodobnie ostatnie teksty napisane przez ludzi). Serwujemy dużą dawkę wiedzy, praktyczne porady i wskazówki na temat działań w przestrzeni digital.
Adrianna Tęczar

SUPER POWERS When Ada joined the Performance Marketing department at Beeffective, she turned out to be a truly orderly person. She probably has the greatest harmony in Trello, on her […]

Anna Skóra-Cichowska

SUPER POWERS– “Wherever they send her, she will do what needs to be done”– looks at business through customers’ eyes– tough cookie Ania doesn’t count her chickens until they are […]

Katarzyna Pławecka

SUPER POWERS– key area? Marketing automation– secret ingredient? Punctuality– recipe for success? Reliability Kasia is known for her confectionery products. Let’s check how this skill translates into work in the […]

Katarzyna Sukiennik

SUPER POWERS– completes deals with closed eyes– her calendar is flexible and limitless– acts quickly and thinks quickly Kasia cares most about relationships in life. It turns out that not […]

Justyna Rucińska-Góral

SUPER POWERS– most caring person at Beeffective– Event Manager is her middle name– excellent organization and PhD in chaos management We have the impression that there is no Beeffective without […]

Anna Ratajczak-Piotrowska

SUPER POWERS– is everywhere– she’s fast– she is relentless She thinks and speaks faster than you read. She loves to order everything immediately. She is characterized by the phrase: life […]

Anita Piasecka

SUPER POWERS– no analysis or campaign scares her– she was making campaigns before it was fashionable Anita is the most distant from herself in the entire company. This is because […]

Maciej Goś

SUPER POWERS– talented– omnivorous– invisible When he’s on fire, He makes a graphic in 3 minutes. When he is not, in 3 weeks. Like life, like projects. When we ask […]

Michał Malinowski

Łukasz Kiersznikiewicz

SUPER POWERS: Łukasz is great at editing product photos. In #Atelier they say that it creates good shadows and darkens well. When it comes to boring tasks, it sneaks around […]