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Katarzyna Sukiennik

Business Development Manager


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She will sell you this pen. She will sell you these social media, she will sell you graphics, she will sell everything. We hope she doesn’t sell our office!

– completes deals with closed eyes
– her calendar is flexible and limitless
– acts quickly and thinks quickly

Kasia cares most about relationships in life. It turns out that not only with loved ones, but also with clients. I guess that’s what makes her a successful salesperson. The KPI is reached by the end of the year before the year even starts properly. 200% effect is not enough.

When she brings the next signed contracts, our sneakers fall off with amazement. Anyway, make an appointment with her and you’ll see that even though she talks a lot, she can also listen. She will definitely find time for you – she replies to e-mails, adjusts meetings in the calendar and answers dozens of phone calls at a dizzying speed.

As is often the case in healthy relationships, Kasia can set boundaries, so we regularly send her to negotiation battles. She also has the valuable ability to put out fires in cold blood, so she is not afraid of crises. Even though she smokes like a chimney, she never blows the budget.

She can’t stand boredom and sitting in one place. Seriously, we counted: she can’t sit still for 30 seconds. Even when she reads, it’s two books at the same time. When it comes to sports, it’s extreme. She likes, for example, jumping on the waves on a jet ski. There is no chance that you will be bored with her.

She loves music – in every way, in every form. She sings (not only during integrations!), plays the guitar, writes songs, goes to concerts… Sometimes she even takes people from her band to them and shares her love – for rock, of course. Strong bass, strong sounds, strong impressions! She likes music so much that she once hosted a radio show about it.

Kasia loves her dog very much, and it has almost as much energy as she does. Her husband says that sometimes he has doubts about who takes whom for a walk.

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