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Justyna Rucińska-Góral

Finance&Administration Manager


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She will put out every fire, organize every meeting, arrange the best integration… and all this before the third coffee. With double foam.

– most caring person at Beeffective
– Event Manager is her middle name
– excellent organization and PhD in chaos management

We have the impression that there is no Beeffective without Justyna. And seriously, without Vaseline. We can laugh and create storm after storm, but we need someone who will keep our creative minds in check. And that person is Justyna. Her strongest point is work organization. Yours and ours. Even if sometimes we throw her off balance so much that she looks at us in the corridor, in the end – she is responsible for everything that is important and formal. She manages the company’s administration and ensures that chaos is contained (and we provide a lot of it!). After all, he has several thousand issued invoices and trillions of coffees drunk. So delicious, with milk. If you want to mess with her, leave a mess in the kitchen. When she doesn’t have access to coffee, she pulls out her lightsaber and… you don’t want to know what happens next.

It takes it all in, everywhere at once. How does she do it? We don’t know, but we suspect that she has this power… or more precisely, the power is with her! After all, no one knows the world of Star Wars like she does.

Justyna is known for her warmth and empathy. Quite honestly – it is thanks to her that the atmosphere at Bee is so pleasant – we don’t know how she does it, but given the enormity of her responsibilities, she also takes us to picnics, yoga, Christmas parties, mindfulness and – above all – she prepares the party of the year, i.e. #Beentegracja. Oh Gods, what an event this is! On its fifth anniversary, she told us that she had already welcomed and onboarded over 20 Beeffective employees. Without Justyna, we wouldn’t fly so high.

Justyna is a person of many passions. She is an ambassador of bicycle tourism – thanks to her, more and more people from the company are joining the group of lovers of two wheels. When she rides a bicycle, there is no mercy – she covers the Kociewskie Bicycle Routes all the way to Żuławy Gdańsk without a drop of sweat on her temple. Who knows where her next bike route will take her? She also likes photography, takes care of the plants, regularly goes on various trips and… I think she stole Hermione’s time turner, because we don’t know how she manages to keep it all together.

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