Social media? We will take care of your channels as if they were our own! Social media activities are one of our key competencies.

In cooperation with the client, based on the workshops conducted, we will create a brand communication strategy in social media. We provide comprehensive management of brand profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube.

Effective sales tool

We carry out communication activities to build the image and an engaged group of followers around brands. We prove that social media channels are an efficient sales tool, and managing social media profiles is not only about publishing posts regularly, but also about creating content that engages and builds our brand.

The activities we implement result from the developed strategy, which we consistently implement, and we report all progress monthly to verify whether the chosen direction is consistent with trends and engages the community.

We run brand profiles on platforms


We create engaging content that we regularly publish on fanpages. We monitor and analyze activities and build an engaged community. We take care of appropriate communication and micro-narratives.


We help clients develop the channel so that it becomes an ideal form of company promotion. We take care of attractive visual materials and video descriptions tailored to SEO.

We monitor and optimize promotional and organic activities.


We prepare a publication schedule, taking into account static and video content. We publish posts, taking care of the consistency and aesthetics of the feed, engaging InstaStories and creative Reels.


We build a professional image of our clients as experts in the industry. For this purpose, we use all the possibilities offered by running a LinkedIn business account.


We help you create and run a Pinterest account to take advantage of its sales potential. We regularly publish photos and graphics and provide SEO-optimized content.


We carry out organic and advertising activities that will generate traffic and attract converting users.

X (Twitter)

Using our Twitter account, we reach people for whom the website is a work and communication tool, both by posting content and reacting to comments, as well as advertising.

Why is it worth running social media?

Social media is a powerful tool, and acting through it can bring many benefits. A company can gain a lot by conducting activities on social media channels. The main benefits are:



Social media is an excellent tool for building awareness and reaching a wide audience.


building a relationship

Social media allows direct interaction with your customers, which is an excellent opportunity to establish a dialogue and understand the needs of your target group.


promotion of products and services

Social channels are an effective tool for presenting your offer. Additionally, the ability to use advertising on social media platforms allows you to reach the number of potential customers.


monitoring and analysis of competition

Social media are a valuable source of knowledge about the strategies and offers of other companies as well as trends in the industry.


acquiring new customers

Publishing engaging, creative content can help interest potential customers and thus develop sales.

For who?

Small businesses

Social media is an ideal tool for small businesses that are taking their first steps in the digital channel. Thanks to social media, companies can start digital activities, conduct marketing campaigns, build brand awareness, generate traffic to the website, conduct regular interactions with recipients and manage the company’s image.

Big brands

Social media is a great communication and promotion channel suitable for large companies. Larger businesses can derive many benefits from using social media in their digital marketing strategy, from the possibility of implementing advertising and promotional campaigns, through image building and constant, two-way interaction with customers, to monitoring the competition.

Need a consultation?

How do we operate on social media channels?

We precede activities in social media channels by creating a strategy for presence in the digital channel. For this purpose, we analyze the environment in which a given brand and its target group operate. We verify social media channels to check whether the content fits the target group, the frequency of publications and the graphics used. Every month, we prepare a content proposal, which is approved by the client before being published on profiles, and then published according to an agreed schedule. At the beginning of the month, we prepare a report presenting the effects of activities on profiles.

The effects speak for themselves

See case studies of clients who entrusted us with developing their strategy. We present the challenges the client faced and the actions that were implemented to achieve the intended results.