Data is the backbone of business, right? That’s right.

Performance marketing is nothing more than a model of operation in which the Internet user is encouraged to perform a specific action, and the advertiser pays for the effect. The effect does not have to be only sales, but also clicks on the banner, the level of engagement with published posts or the number of subscriptions to the newsletter. The biggest advantage of performance marketing is its measurability, which allows you to make ongoing decisions about possible changes to the campaign. In the long run, this means saving your budget while maximizing your profits.

For whom?

building reach

For companies that want to increase engagement on their social media channels and reach a wide range of people within a specific target group;


For e-commerce companies that want to increase the sales volume in their online store, increase ROAS or achieve a specific COS;

B2B ∨ B2C

For B2C and B2B companies that want to reach potential customers and get leads/contact details.

Need a consultation?

Why is it worth it?



Thanks to precise targeting, you reach a precisely defined audience.



The performance campaign brings measurable results.



Due to the possibilities of measuring campaign effects you can maximize your profits without increasing your advertising budgets.



You can precisely define your KPIs and optimize your advertising activities based on them.



The spent budget translates into an effect visible in the data.

In our work we use such tools

Our belief

The biggest advantage of performance marketing is its measurability.

Fortunately, this does not mean that we do not know how to check it at all. We have a tool for this! And this tool is CUX, thanks to which we are able to fully optimize the user’s purchasing path and eliminate any obstacles that may harm conversion. No obstacles = higher conversion. Higher conversion = more money. Cool right? We think so, even very much. Therefore, in our work, we approach analytics holistically, thanks to which we track not only quantitative, but also qualitative data regarding the User Experience of your website.

And the coolest thing about it all is that we are certified CUX partners. In our ranks you will find specialists who have completed a six-month training and mentoring program conducted by the founders and employees of CUX, thanks to which we know this system inside and out. And if we don’t know something, we ask for consultation and we will know.

Thanks to CUX:

you will identify bottlenecks that negatively affect the purchasing path,
you will eliminate all obstacles waiting for your potential clients,
you will gain completely new possibilities for user segmentation,
you will build a better experience using your website,
you will increase conversions of your activities.

Only positives, no negatives. We confirm this because we use it ourselves!

Advertising campaigns

Meta Ads

We have two Blueprint certificates: Media Buying and Media Planning. They prove the highest skills in media planning and purchasing. We constantly follow trends and educate ourselves to implement the most effective advertising campaigns in the Meta ecosystem.
We base the advertising campaign on the sales funnel, selecting appropriate formats and goals at each stage. We will implement campaigns for you aimed at building and engaging the community, generating the highest possible number of purchases on your website or leads from potential customers.
We will select the appropriate group of recipients, determine the rates and prepare an advertising message that catches the recipients’ attention.

Pinterest Ads

If you want to strengthen your brand’s presence on the Internet and reach new, engaging audiences, it is worth investing in a Pinterest Ads campaign.
Pinterest is a visual social platform that attracts users looking for inspiration in various areas of life. With our campaigns on this channel, you can reach this active community and increase brand awareness and generate sales.
Our experience allows you to tailor your Pinterest Ads campaign strategy to your goals. Regardless of whether you want to increase website traffic or build loyalty among current customers, our specialists will help you achieve success.
Pinterest campaigns can revolutionize your marketing efforts. Share inspiring content, build relationships with customers, open customer paths. According to our analyses, Pinterest users are a completely new group of recipients that do not overlap with recipients accessing the website from other sources.

Google Ads

We belong to the group of Google Partners, which proves that our campaigns are conducted at the highest level, and our specialists constantly ensure the highest level of certification.
Our activities focus on predetermined goals. A well-conducted advertising campaign will allow you to achieve these goals.
What can we do for you?
we will select appropriate advertising goals and formats
we will prepare the necessary materials to run the campaign (or we will tell you what materials we need from you)
we will choose the appropriate bidding strategy
we will create or verify a Google Merchant Center account
we will implement or verify the product feed
We will analyze the situation at the auction on an ongoing basis and recommend the best solutions to achieve the highest possible number of conversions

TikTok Ads

TiKTok is one of the most dynamically developing social media. If you want to reach an engaged community primarily made up of Gen Z and Millennials, you need to include TikTok campaigns in your marketing strategy. Thanks to dynamic advertising formats such as full-motion video, stacked photos, sponsored hashtags and product ads, we can ensure maximum visibility and engagement for your brand.
When developing an advertising strategy, it is important to diversify your content in order to reach your target group with the greatest possible probability. We will help you prepare material tailored to your target, based on the latest trends on TikTok to provide you with the best results.

Reddit Ads

In the advertising strategy we prepare, we recommend reaching potential customers not only on the most famous social media channels, but also look for them on dynamically developing social media. We carry out campaigns on Reddit – one of the largest and most influential internet forums. Reddit Ads campaigns allow you to reach an active community with specific interests, so you can effectively reach your target group. Using a variety of advertising formats such as text ads, images, videos and links, we will give your brand wide visibility on the Reddit platform. Campaigns are managed by qualified experts who not only have knowledge of the latest trends, but also understand the specifics of the Reddit community

Programmatic DV360

Programmatic is a tool that uses automation technology and machine intelligence to optimize and personalize advertising campaigns. Thanks to precise targeting, data analysis and dynamic advertising purchasing in real time, we can reach the right groups of recipients at the right time, ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing activities.
Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of advertising platforms, analytical tools and optimization strategies. Why is it worth using programmatic services? First of all, it ensures precise targeting, which allows you to reach people with specific interests, demographics and online behavior. Moreover, automating the advertising process significantly increases efficiency and saves time. Thanks to campaigns in this channel, we can reach our potential customers even wider.

Advertising account audit

Web analytics

Monitoring the correct implementation of FB Ads and Google Ads events

Monitoring the correctness of collecting data from FB Ads events and

Google Ads Consent Mode installation verification

Facebook Ads

Analysis of the advertising goals used – are the principles of the sales funnel followed, and if not, why?

Audience group analysis – are the campaigns targeted at cold traffic, remarketing, lookalike? Are they in line with the brand’s target group?

Correct campaign structure

Overlapping target groups

Exclude audiences Set budgets – total/daily

Use of appropriate advertising creative formats

Advertising copy – is it attractive and tailored to the target group?

Using UTM links

Aggregate Event Measurement Validation – iOS Traffic Measurement

The correctness of domain verification in business manager

Verification of the campaign through the prism of key indicators

Analysis of the sales manager and the catalogs created – e-commerce


The audit contains recommendations for changes that may increase conversions

Google Ads

Analysis of the advertising formats used (YT, Search, GDN, PLA, Performance Max) – if not all are used, analysis why and whether it would be worth introducing them?

Auction analysis in a Search campaign – who are we competing for bids with?

Keyword analysis and matches used Brand campaigns – what budgets are used?

Is the budget spent justified?

Bidding strategy – Does it align with the client’s business goal?

Analysis of used audience groups

Configuration of remarketing lists

Analysis of the placement of displayed ads

Analysis of Integration with Google Analytics

Analysis of Integration with Google Search Console

Integration with Google Merchant Center (online stores)

Integration with Google Places (local businesses)

Analysis of created ad extensions

Google Analytics

Analysis of the purposes used

Analysis of the correctness of the e-commerce module implementation

Traffic source analysis

Analysis of the filters used, e.g. exclusion of bot traffic

Launching the Demographics and Interests report

Implementation analysis cross-domain tracking (for sites with several domains)

Reporting “404” error pages

Bounce rate analysis

Analysis of the connection with Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Optimize

Page speed loading analysis


Hotjar implementation and analysis of user behavior on the website

The effects speak for themselves

See case studies of clients who entrusted us with developing their strategy. We present the challenges the client faced and the actions that were implemented to achieve the intended results.


How much does a social media campaign cost?

The final campaign budget is influenced by issues such as the average price per click in your industry. In addition, you need to take into account the competition, the price of the product or service offered and the popularity of your brand. And these are just the basic factors influencing the determination of the media budget. When preparing an offer for you, we take all of them into account, preparing a media plan with several budget proposals and estimated results. This means that even before the start of cooperation, you can see the potential effects of our activities.

How much does advertising in Google Ads cost?

The budget you need to allocate for advertising in Google Ads depends on various factors. You need to take into account:

Your goals

+ competitiveness in the industry

+ average price per click

+ size of the target group

+ price of your product or service…

… and many other variables that affect the final cost of advertising in Google Ads. Therefore, at the offer stage, we always prepare a dedicated media plan in which we take into account all factors affecting the budget and present you with several budget options and estimated effects that you can achieve in cooperation with us within a specific budget.

Can I create a ROAS-optimized campaign?

ROAS, or return on advertising spending, is a key indicator in the e-commerce industry. Google Ads and Meta Ads ad panels offer multiple campaign types, each with different bidding strategies. Sales campaigns can be optimized for a specific ROAS. Thanks to such optimization, the Google Ads system will focus on increasing the value of conversions, not only on their quantity, which consequently translates into increased profit and increased ROI.

What is conversion rate?

Współczynnik konwersji to procentowe wyrażenie ilu użytkowników — spośród wszystkich, którzy odwiedzili naszą stronę — ostatecznie dokonało konwersji, a zatem spełniło cel biznesowy strony. Na przykład — spośród stu użytkowników, którzy odwiedzili stronę, dwóch dokonało konwersji i wysłało formularz kontaktowy. Oznacza to, że współczynnik konwersji CR (Conversion Rate) wynosi 2%.

CR= (Użytkownicy witryny / konwersje)*100%