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Anna Ratajczak-Piotrowska

Strategy Consultant | Co-Founder


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There is no way it can’t be done. Anything is possible. She has so much energy that she doesn’t need to drink coffee. She orders the first tasks before you open your eyes properly in the morning.

– is everywhere
– she’s fast
– she is relentless

She thinks and speaks faster than you read. She loves to order everything immediately. She is characterized by the phrase: life attitiude for YES! There is not a day when she is not full of energy.

She has more clout than anyone you know and over 15 years of marketing experience in multiple roles. Today she uses these years of experience – as the co-founder of Beeffective. With a smile, filled with adrenaline, she takes on the most difficult projects. For her, “nothing is impossible” is not an empty phrase, but a motto thanks to which Beeffective is in this place of development. She wants more and reaches higher and higher.

When she hires more employees of the agency, she says: we will teach you technical things, what matters more is who you are, whether you want to develop, whether you have passion and ambition. She is the most stubborn person we know. She has a passion for constant progress, development and introduction of new things. Her effectiveness cannot be denied.

She probably has an engine from some Ferrari installed, because she regularly glides like an arrow through the office corridors in increasingly colorful clothes. When she meets you, you can be sure that the next extra task is closer than you think.

Currently, she is expanding the Sales department of the Beeffective agency. After all, she is a master of negotiations and conducting meetings. She knows everyone, she has heard about everyone. Whatever you say, he listens.

In her free time, she loves traveling. Her goal is all the continents of the world and after reading this description you already know that if she says something is her goal, she will achieve it. Sooner rather than later. Besides, she swims, dives and roller skates. She also loves exploring other places in Gdynia. There has to be something happening, because she can’t sit in one place.

PS While you were reading this description, she managed to answer 8 phone calls, reply to 11 e-mails, order 3 tasks in the corridor and eat half of her dinner. After all, she never finishes eating.

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