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Anita Piasecka

Head of Performance Marketing


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She creates campaigns that make an impression. She Manages Performance so that the results themselves create a performance for the clients. Seriously.

– no analysis or campaign scares her
– she was making campaigns before it was fashionable

Anita is the most distant from herself in the entire company. This is because she has been working from sunny Sicily for a long time. It’s about 3,000 km from our office. If Anita wanted to walk to the meeting in our conference room from her apartment in Sicily, it would take her 17 days. It’s good that in the chat, no matter where he is, he responds in 17 seconds. She verifies the work and potential failures of her team at a similar pace. There’s no denying it – she knows this department inside out and everything runs like clockwork.

She says she campaigned on Facebook when some people said “BE” to bread – although we don’t know whether to believe it, because she looks quite young. When she showed off her new job and teaser to a friend, she looked at her with pity, wondering if she would have enough to pay the bills. Enough. Today, as Head of Performance Marketing, her work is based on numbers, results and analyses. She has selected a team of talented marketers whom she supervises every day – regardless of whether she works in the office, is surrounded by the beautiful aura and rays of the soothing Italian sun, or stays in a cozy house near Tricity. This job sounds like a fairy tale, right?

In her free time, she enjoys burning incense (we don’t judge), cooking (we’re waiting for her to prove it) and (here’s shock and disbelief!) traveling. Sometimes for a weekend, sometimes for a year. Usually, during her trips, we are afraid whether she will come back at all. Fortunately, she always comes back to integrations and company Christmas parties. She says she likes to go where she can eat well. Thank heavens that we have such good dumplings in Poland!

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