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Łukasz Kiersznikiewicz

Graphic Designer / Lead


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The renaissance man of our graphic design #Atelier. He will make graphics, sell cold meats, transport them in a convertible, and finally do magic in After Effects.


  • – master of original graphics
  • – sophisticated in versatility
  • – brilliant at brainstorming

Łukasz is great at editing product photos. In #Atelier they say that it creates good shadows and darkens well. When it comes to boring tasks, it sneaks around Trello like a shadow. Or maybe it’s just an illusion?

Invite him to a brainstorming session and you will leave with a ready-made campaign concept. You will quickly learn about his versatility – because he knows and talks a lot about everything. Sometimes too much. If he designed as much as he says, we wouldn’t need any more graphic designers.

Łukasz’s level of admiration increases in direct proportion to your knowledge of unusual cars, but don’t worry – even if you know nothing about the automotive industry, you can gain his sympathy. Start with common interests, and before you know it, you’ll listen to rock music together or he’ll invite you to a game.

The hero of the first roast in the history of Beeffective. Apparently he was crying. To this day we don’t know whether it was from laughter.

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