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Jakub Strzelka

Performance Marketing Specialist


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The chief bard of Beeffective. He sings, plays the guitar, sets up campaigns. A serial memer, a humanist with a scientific mind, a connoisseur of analytics.

– will create a performance campaign in a place you didn’t even know was possible
– a strategist from birth, performance-driven by experience, with social media at heart and in the soul.

Kuba describes himself as: an average guitarist, an average chess player, a mountain tramp with not the best condition. He is average in almost everything, but fortunately performance marketing is not one of them. That’s why he works at Beeffective.

At meetings, he shows his extensive analytical knowledge. He talks a lot and, unfortunately, complains a lot, but we help him get rid of this trait. If critical thinking were an Olympic sport, he would have more gold medals than Michael Phelps.

He had a background in the humanities, he even graduated in journalism and worked in the profession for several years, but it turned out that marketing was the best career path for him. He feels almost as comfortable in the thicket of numbers as he does in the thicket of monsters, which he defeats by holding the pad in his hands. He spent more hours playing “The Witcher” than studying. If you want to move him, play “Wolf Blizzard” (only in the original version, otherwise he will laugh at you) and tell him that you know who Gaunter o’Dim was.

He’s a good perfo buddy and a digital full stack: he’ll set up a website on WordPress, create a campaign, implement analytics, cleanse and transform data, and finally create a report that won’t fly, and he’ll put it all on a strategic basis. Just as he likes strategies, he likes spending money on books. He says he reads them and we try to believe him.

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