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Mikołaj Zbrzeźniak

Visual Content Creator


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It will create real content. Photos, videos, ideas – all for yesterday. After all, it’s as simple as… well, like what, Mikołaj?

– versatility in creativity
– a storyteller like no other
– he makes movies faster than he drinks cups of coffee

You say to Mikołaj “let’s make a movie”. And he says “we’re doing it”, and then: “let’s add this”, “hold the lamp”, “is this sign?”, “stand here” and it’s done. Seriously. His job title is Content Creator, and that is indeed what he is. Thanks to it, our agency has reached an even higher level of video creation, and its teaser is inspiring other members of the team responsible for film production! In all this unconventionality and creativity, he makes sure that the materials he releases are united by the word: QUALITY.

We admit that sometimes we are afraid to give him corrections and suggestions. All because… I’m on the mat more often than in the office. He trains in the K1 formula, rolls in MMA, and also knows Brazilian jiu-jitsu. At first glance, he is a punch man.

Fortunately, it quickly turned out that these mythical blows that knock us off our feet are actually dry jokes and sayings so strong that we even write them down in the Diary. His position is proven by the fact that even Jacek Stachursky likes his posts on LinkedIn.

This man is the life of the party. He fits into the group like a chameleon, but don’t worry: he’s not a slippery reptile. But he is a musician. And you know that one, in dark clothes, playing dark music. Death metal. I guess he likes these posthumous topics, because during the first integration he dyed his hair blue to reflect the powers and darkness of the king of hell, Hades, whom he disguised as. Crazy man. And these are exactly what we need in creative activities.

It’s generally nice to see him change when he starts talking about one of his teasers, and as you can see, he has a lot of them. He can talk to you about how to make coffee, photography, music, sports, trips… Probably about everything. You can see in your hand when he’s passionate about something, just as you can see when you’re starting to bore him. Both happen quite often.

All the photos you look at of the band are his work. He even wanted to take them himself. After all, no one does them as well as he does. Don’t even try to disagree. He will take a few hours of your life, but he WILL EXPLAIN that he is right.

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