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Norbert Korus

Performance Marketing Manager


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An ambassador of new technologies, an old storyteller and a performance freak.


  • – he has an anecdote for every circumstance
  • – turbo factual man
  • – is always up to date

Good morning, hello and hello! Norbert is like a character from the show who was in the pilot, then disappeared and came back in the fifth season. And how did he come back? With style and flair: as a Performance Marketing Manager. He says that his greatest strength is the ability to adapt, so he was happy to adapt to us for the second time.

He is famous for his sense of humor. The stories Norbert tells in #TeamPerformance make the whole team roar with laughter. Norbee loves telling jokes and anecdotes. He also uses this superpower during meetings with clients. His advantage is also his factual nature – he thinks quickly, has arguments for every circumstance and does not complain at all.

He is characterized by stoic calm. Even when there is a fire, even when you have to act ASAP, even when a crisis occurs (of course it doesn’t happen in our country, but let’s try to imagine it), he remains chill, as in this meme: This is fine.

In addition to his analytical skills, Norbert also has a hidden, real DJ talent: he can select music during each integration in such a way that both fans of Budka Suflera and dark techno are satisfied. He even got a stage name: DJ Kaptur. He sometimes raps and sings – in the car or at social events. Just give it some time and once it opens up, it happens. Really: it’s happening!

Privately, he is the father of two cats, which, due to their weight, can be called kittens. Kittens repay their father’s love with frequent visits to the vet. Besides, sometimes he likes to lose to Tomasz in FIFA. He is also a well-known expert in Polish cinema. If he doesn’t watch “Teddy Bear”, “Dogs” or “Coyote Day” once a year, something is wrong. That’s probably why he knows that “A customer wearing a tie is less rowdy.”

He looks for new ideas in everyday life and believes that even an inconspicuous event can lead to interesting ideas. This is Norbert at the level of our possibilities.

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