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Marcin Gabrych

New Business Manager

#noeffort [everything with a hammer]

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He dismounted from his two wheels and stepped onto the Beeffective turf to strengthen the Sales Department, challenge targets, and lead negotiations. He’s blowing us away – fortunately, for now, just with his wit.

– master of sly compliments (watch out!)
– throws wit like confetti
– has broad knowledge… mostly useless

And who has arrived on their shiny motorcycle? Please welcome Marcin Gabrych, our New Business Manager! He’s one of the first people you’ll encounter when you join Beeffective – but don’t worry, you’ve landed in good hands. Marcin asks a lot of questions and knows how to listen. You can be sure that everything he takes on will be carefully heard and then handled.

Aside from zipping around on his motorcycle through the nooks and crannies of Kaszuby and Mazury, Marcin enjoys battling demons in souls-like games in his free time. He conquers not only gaming opponents (and those on the mat, practicing martial arts) but also tackles tasks effortlessly – without hesitation or batting an eyelid! He simply doesn’t acknowledge problems or objections that can’t be solved.

He’s not just strong because he hits the gym regularly. He’s simply a powerhouse player and an excellent negotiator from our Sales Department – optimizing sales, testing new solutions, and you’ll see the results of his work in tangible outcomes and impressive numbers. And through it all, he’s just a nice and empathetic guy… most of the time. Since his first moments at Beeffective, he’s enchanted us with sarcasm, and we still wonder if he genuinely likes us.

What does he say about himself?

“More, faster, higher, better! I enjoy healthy competition and continuous development. Following the motto ‘order and progress,’ I adhere to these principles in everyday life, in business, or in sports.”

Marcin, may the power of Beeffective be with you!

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