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Katarzyna Pławecka

Performance Marketing Specialist


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Kasia is famous for her homemade cakes, which she serves us regularly, but these are not all her superpowers. Click and check out the recipe for her success in Performance Marketing!

– key area? Marketing automation
– secret ingredient? Punctuality
– recipe for success? Reliability

Kasia is known for her confectionery products. Let’s check how this skill translates into work in the Performance department. After all, to take her position, you need a few perfectly matched ingredients!

Even small changes in proportions can affect the taste of the cake, which is why accuracy in measurement and analysis is so important. These features are also necessary when creating reports and media plans for our clients. By keeping an eye on the cake in the oven, you can’t take it out too early or too late. Kasia is punctual, works when needed, and that’s probably why the results of her work are always so well-baked.

Besides, Kasia doesn’t like monotony. She looks for inspiration everywhere. We don’t know anyone who has so many unusual hobbies: climbing wall, roller skating, yoga, squash, ice skating, cycling, knitting, making clay… and more are added all the time! In general, she likes a lot going on. When it comes to rest, it’s only active: mountains, sails, kayaks. After all, she has to burn all those tarts and cheesecakes somewhere.

Kasia is great at multitasking: she manages campaigns ranging from suitcases, through real estate, to French fries. All pampered and properly prepared. Maybe this is the magic mixture of successful cooperation?
You will see about her professionalism during the meeting. When she joins the team responsible for your business, you will receive sophisticated e-commerce sales support. We guarantee.
So… will you enjoy the effects?

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