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Tomasz Piotrowski

Ceo | Co-Founder


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This is our leader. Meet the visionary who runs Beeffective. Nothing can’t be done. He built this company just like he built subsequent stadiums out of LEGO bricks.


  • – nothing can throw him off balance
  • – “Only calm will save us”
  • – will blow your mind at FIFA before you can say “Beeffective”

Tomek reads a lot of books. Maybe that’s why he’s smarter than most people you know. Probably even from you. Moreover, he breaks down all problems into their prime factors. That’s why he can solve them so quickly. Like a skilled chess player, he anticipates several moves ahead and thus manages every crisis… before it even happens.

He sets the course our agency follows. He skillfully avoids all the twists and turns of fate. He rewards the team not only with a kind word and a box of fruit, but also with a bag of gold coins. Once a month. The definition of this captain is taking care of everyone: from deckhands (juniors) and sailors (specialists), through officers (heads), to boatswain’s maids (Annies). Maybe that’s why his staff, i.e. crew, is so well-coordinated.

He loves football. He says that even the best players need constant support and the opportunity to develop in their favorite position on the pitch. He meets the guys from the team on the pitch to show them where they belong. After work, you will meet him in one of the dozens of football club shirts he has in his closet.

As you might have guessed, his favorite game is FIFA because, as we’ve established, he likes to control what’s happening on the pitch. He once organized a tournament in the company: he blew everyone away and gave himself the cup and the prize. Of course, he really is the best, and we all humbly allowed ourselves to be defeated. Moreover, every year at the company Christmas party he proves that he is the one who roasts us the best.

His great advantage is that he does not expect anyone to put work before his private life. This empathy is not fake and, fortunately, it does not only apply to his wife.

No one had ever seen him get angry. This guy is a treasure.

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