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Michał Malinowski

Creative Leader & Strategist


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Live healthy, sleep healthy, think healthy.
He was the prettiest at Beeffective until Konrad was hired.

– definition of stoicism
– Trello’s father
– strategy lover

We don’t know how it’s possible, but he can’t be upset. There were many attempts, but none were successful. There are various conspiracy theories about his calm aura, but none are suitable for publication.

Difficult challenges are what Michał feels best at. Designing and conducting 6-hour strategic workshops, coordinating the creation of three strategies a month, or implementing a new project management method in the company are everyday work for Michał. No wonder he absorbs so much. Finally – when everyone is going to integration, he creates another presentation on the bus, and when everyone drinks prosecco, he chooses an apple break.

In winter, you will meet him when, like Poseidon, he emerges from successive holes, with an impassive cold face. In summer, I prefer to skateboard. He is undoubtedly a wave tamer and a faithful ambassador of Gdynia.
A nickname for the women’s side of the band? Of course:

Godlike Malinowski.

As in nature, there must be balance in Beeffective, so Michał is a walking inspiration for us to lead a healthy lifestyle. So far only in the theoretical part.

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