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Martyna Błaszczok-Budai

Social Media Specialist


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And here Martyna came to #TeamSocial and renewed the face of the department. This department.


  • – esthete
  • – First Commandment: Quality
  • – has God’s Word for every occasion

Kneel, nations! Martyna’s appearance on #TeamSocial was quite a blessing. She brought not only a sense of humor, but also a sense of aesthetics. And it’s not about her great beauty, but also about the fact that the work she does is in really good taste.

Martyna says that what characterizes her is her ability to get out of really difficult situations and solve fuckups that, when they happen, make your stomach churn. Can we confirm this? Probably not, because in Beeffective such Egyptian plagues do not occur 😉

We can confirm her creativity! Martyna has the ability to empathize with the client and their recipients, which makes her copy authentic and makes writing easy for her (also thanks to her vivid imagination!). Chat GPT cannot replace emotions and empathy so easily!

Martyna is up to date with every drama on Tik Tok, and the life of influencers is no stranger to her. If she starts a lively conversation with you, there are two options: she will tell you the latest events in her dog’s life, Medi or your current horoscope. She also loves Spain and will live there one day – we hope not too soon, because she is really good to work with!

No joke: contact with Martyna is pure pleasure. If she becomes the leader of your project, you will feel as if manna from heaven fell straight onto your business, and your social media will turn into a land of milk and honey…

PS Please do not try to bribe her – she will not be tempted by any measly thirty pieces of silver. Amen.

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