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Kaja Chmielewska

Social Media Specialist


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Harmony shines from her desk, calendar and work. A master of copywriting and finding opportunities for city breaks.

– velvety voice
– black heart
– copywriting gold

Kaja likes to use all her leave in the first quarter of the year and then cry that she no longer has it. Because when she goes on vacation, she does it on a grand scale. It’s the same with projects – when we involve her in something, there is no doubt that it will be professional, on time and as it should be. She is excellent at copywriting – she can write texts about virtually anything. She likes challenges, so if you represent an unusual industry, she can prove it to you.

In the photos she always shows the most beautiful smile at Beeffective. She also smiles at us at work, but only sometimes. You have to earn her sympathy, but we guarantee – it’s worth it! She likes to rap, whether at a concert or in the office. When she decides to show you this talent, you can be sure that it’s a breakthrough.

There’s nothing to hide
– Kaja craves media attention, so you can see her in many of our video productions. She says it’s because her unfulfilled dream is to become a podcaster, but you know how dreams are: stay tuned! Her presence, confidence and velvety voice are also useful during many trainings, workshops and lectures that she conducts.

Besides, she likes Lego, likes cucumbers, likes dogs and likes to have a lot of cool shoes in her wardrobe. “You’ll recognize her by her tattoos.”

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