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Aleksandra Maślij

Graphic Designer


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Meet a girl from Masuria who knows what she’s talking about in graphics. After all, she knows as much about design as she does about plants!

– creates stories told in a visual language
– can listen, observe and create graphics that make an impression
– she reads minds. For now, only her own

She “Speaks Chinese” takes on a different meaning next to her. Because he really speaks Chinese. She returned from Hong Kong, settled in Tricity and works in our #Atelier, slaying project after project. This is probably the secret power of meditation, because she accepts subsequent projects without blinking an eye, without the slightest twitch of an eyelid…
and she does in a moment. And how does she make them? Quickly, precisely and with flair. That’s how we like it the most at Beeffective.

Working with Ola is a combination of pleasure and professionalism, due to her good work organization and diversity in projects. She creates in many styles: from minimalism to colorful collages. It quickly turned out that Ola’s advantage is that she can listen. This is extremely valuable because there are people in her department who really like to talk a lot. Honestly, we bet that it’s thanks to yoga and meditation that she has such angelic patience with her #Atelier colleagues. And when she doesn’t want to listen to them anymore, she listens to… music. And she surprises us with more extraordinary playlists. Thanks to this, she was quickly promoted to the position of “best DJ in the Atelier”.

Plants don’t die with her. I guess because of her studies she is able to communicate with them. Her specialization is parasitology. Google it.

When we asked what #Atelier thought about her, the following sentence was said: “Ola perfectly combines a real talent for visual things with a down-to-earth attitude, which doesn’t often go hand in hand.” After this sentence, you already know that you want to work with her. We know and we work.

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