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Agata Zabłocka

Performance Marketing Specialist


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This lovely, quiet water bursts its banks. Do you dare to go on a cruise with this red ancymon?

– super cute super nice super funny
– it’s sweeter than any birthday cake you’ve ever eaten

Agata is extremely charming. And that’s why sometimes when she cracks a really powerful joke, we have to pick our jaws up off the floor for a long time. She is also very charming. After our first business trip together, we learned that in her case the saying: still waters run deep really applies. You don’t even know how or where. And it doesn’t take much for her to stop being quiet.

As she says, it is characterized by Strong Work Ethic. She makes sure everything is always on time. You can see it every day at work: he is not afraid of deadlines
she is honest and not ashamed of mistakes. Importantly, she takes responsibility for mistakes and finding solutions to them.

She believes in the idea of Bigger Picture and that not only numbers count in effective marketing. Always ready to test something new. She likes training and likes to develop.

Nobody knows Japan like Agata. At least that’s the impression we get when she shows us these signs that only she understands… To calm her nerves, she will dust off a forgotten harp especially for you and… before you know it, she’s already strumming it like a forest fairy. When she accepts a challenge, she’ll blow you away at your favorite RPG game. Stay alert!

She repeats that stress eats her for breakfast. Fortunately, we also have cereals and fruit in the kitchen, so sometimes we treat ourselves to something else. Arigatō!

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