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Konrad Dydziński

Social Media Specialist


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Meet the most beautiful member of Beeffective. You will recognize this erudite as soon as he says the first sentence to you in his deep, masculine voice and looks you straight in the eyes… Sorry, wasn’t that supposed to be a description for Tinder?

– beautiful photos, beautiful copy, beautiful Konrad
– TikTok connoisseur and expert
– handyman of our office

He graduated in art history, so out of many possible scenarios, it’s good that he ended up at Beeffective. Now he is taking revenge on our #Atelier by submitting corrections to everything, thus realizing the graphic designer’s unfulfilled ambitions. Thanks to this, you can be sure that there will be no even the slightest shift or error in the projects he coordinates. He himself calls it meticulousness, but we know several other, and you guessed it, uglier terms for this feature… What a fortune that he makes up for it with beauty and a smile.

All the girls at Beeffective say that Konrad is beautiful. Less often do they mention his beautiful mind, but he’s convinced it’s just a matter of understatement. He’s definitely right.

Konrad transfers his charm to curly roller skates, adding a pinch of magic to them. He likes video, he likes design and he likes taking photos. We benefit from this not only for ourselves! He is a fan of frames inspired by Edward Hopper’s paintings. In his impeccable photos you will find a lot of artistry combined with professionalism.

It will carry even the most demanding project to completion. Fortunately, many of the ladies of #TeamSocial are ready to wipe his brow as he tirelessly works for our clients.

Some people binge-watch TV series, he does it with “A Case for a Reporter”

Besides, he listens to jazz during the day and at night… although after all, what comes with integrations, stays with integrations. We will only reveal that he is an excellent dancer and actor. Let’s dance!

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