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Adrianna Sowińska

Social Media Specialist


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Camera, action! We present you our chief screenwriter and writer, who always has creativity with the ON button.

– catchy text on any topic? You’re welcome
– her creative pen will master any industry
– she has an excellent memory, even for seemingly insignificant things

Ada writes a lot: from promotional film scripts, through copy for advertisements, posts for clients, to articles. In fact, she generates ideas on every topic. She attends all possible brainstorming sessions with a smile, sometimes even singing to herself in the corridor. She likes ambitious projects that are a challenge. She regularly works under time pressure and meets deadlines. Or maybe they are chasing her?

If you want to know the definition of the term “creative chaos” – approach her desk. You will find literally everything there: from Sępolno pickled cucumbers, through written cards with ideas, to a dozen or so boxes of puzzles, board games and toys. People from the team, in turn, say: a beautiful soul, unlike her desk. She explains that the best creative concepts for offers to new customers are created in this space. Ultimately, looking at the effects – it’s probably worth living with.

Ada believes that creativity comes from experience, so she experiences a lot: she regularly comes to the office with a sleeping bag and a fishing chair, ready for new adventures. She doesn’t sleep at night because she plays PlayStation. You will find it in Tricity’s cinemas, theaters, bars, festivals and sailing. A sociable beast. If she’s going to go to a gallery, it’s art. He has many interests and talents, which translates into masterful copy on every possible topic. From puzzles, through IT, to fish. Her father is very proud of her – especially these fish.

She is creative not only on social media, but also in the kitchen, regularly surprising us with culinary combinations on the plate. Always hungry for adrenaline, challenges… simply: she likes to eat. Ada proudly says that she is from Sępólno Krajeńskie and emphasizes that her town has had city rights for over 600 years. We don’t mean to imply anything, but the fact that she has to point this out regularly probably says something.

She broke the office record in hours listened to on Spotify. In general, she likes records, bets and integrations. Concert girl. She doesn’t know how, but she still remembers song lyrics and raps them to us in the office… making the time more enjoyable. She remembers a lot.

After contributing to Łukasz’s roast, she was given the mission to write a text about everyone in Beeffective, adding a “mythical sting”. And how did it work?

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