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Maciej Goś

Art Director


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Master of comedy, conductor of improvisation, laugher of laughs.
Manager of an #Atelier full of graphics, photos, videos and art!

– talented
– omnivorous
– invisible

When he’s on fire, He makes a graphic in 3 minutes. When he is not, in 3 weeks. Like life, like projects. When we ask about Maciek, people from the team describe him with the word: talented. Not only in the context of the materials he creates, but also in sneaking around the calendar.

His strength is ingenuity. This feature is, of course, useful in coming up with creative concepts, but also in life, which we experience during meals together. Especially when he shows us another original dish with offal and onions. You’ll say: disgusting. We will say: it’s Maciek.

Outside of work, he is fueled by octane and the smell of burnt gasoline. No diesel. Gasoline. He will never refuse to ride a car or motorcycle, as long as it is a BMW. He has already tried to drive other brands, but he thinks it is impossible. When he parades his mug with the logo of his beloved brand around the office, he is asking for conflicts. He’s tall, so it’s hard for him to jump, but we try our best.

Maciek likes warm water, massages and visiting big cities.

He doesn’t like bureaucracy, whining and people without empathy.

When we asked him what he was best at, he replied: omnivorousness and detachment from reality. We don’t judge – if he wanted it, we tell you about it. After all, he’s an Art Director, and you know how it is: it’s stupid to refuse someone with such a position.

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