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Anna Skóra-Cichowska

Strategy Director


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She can deliver a presentation she sees for the first time with such confidence that you’ll think she’s been preparing for it all her life.

– “Wherever they send her, she will do what needs to be done”
– looks at business through customers’ eyes
– tough cookie

Ania doesn’t count her chickens until they are hatched. The excitement comes only after the signed contract.

When we go to a meeting with her, it’s regardless of the industry: she knows someone from this business, she once implemented a project with a similar pattern, she has 15 tips and another 30 ideas on how to do something better than the competition. She is always prepared (and certainly so professional and experienced that you are convinced that she is fully prepared) and she expects the same from the people she works with. It is famous for having a helicopter view of our clients’ businesses.

When she doesn’t have to, she doesn’t waste time on small talk. She doesn’t like to waste time on anything at all. She likes acting and implementing projects. She has endless motivation, which (luckily!) she infects others.

She acts uncompromisingly. He is undoubtedly the most specific and work-focused person at Beeffective. Generally speaking: she is a tough cookie, which works great both at work and at home.

As the Agency’s Strategy Director, she ensures the right direction in which our agency is heading. She also participates in meetings with key clients. She likes to challenge herself. The more difficult the project, the better. That’s probably why she holds this position.

She’s honest, it hurts, but she calls it transparency. Her transparent suitcases are also transparent. After all, her favorite activity is traveling the world. She likes to work very much, so her most common vacation is, of course, a city break. She always has her hand luggage packed, because when she goes on one trip, she has already bought tickets for the next one. When it comes to breaking the rules, she only has a record of exceeding the baggage allowance – with no consequences. Her frequent travels probably also influence her broad business horizons.

Ania says that “every year in the agency is like 3 years on the client’s side, because projects are implemented simultaneously.” She even uses words that are more difficult than most people. Maybe that’s why she does so well in meetings? Or maybe it’s ambition and the power of persuasion? We invite you to meetings at Beeffective, you will see for yourself.

Madness? Turquoise in the dressing room. Privately? A lover of cats and dogs. Moreover, she does not forget about her roots in Hel, but she believes that life is best in Gdynia and she proclaims this thesis throughout the company.

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