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Adrianna Tęczar

Performance Marketing Specialist


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A challenging and complex project, and Ada is the perfect match. Does she like challenges? Yes. Does she like when everything is in its place? Yes. After all, she’s our #yesgirl!


  • – the most organized person at Beeffective
  • – has a sharp eye and, in general: is very sharp
  • – won’t let any mistake slip through

When Ada joined the Performance Marketing department at Beeffective, she turned out to be a truly orderly person. She probably has the greatest harmony in Trello, on her desktop, and at her desk throughout the entire company. Fortunately, while organizing everything, she doesn’t put anyone in the corners. She’s too nice for that. Instead, she breaks down many topics into basic elements.

She loves it when everything is in its place. It’s a good thing she works in Performance Marketing, full of tables and beautiful charts. She rarely checks #TeamSocial… probably because of the (occasional) creative chaos prevailing there…

Ada generally has a knack for organized things. She efficiently arranges tasks and projects. The same goes for puzzles. Surprise! Her favorites are the most complicated ones. When we suggested 1000 pieces to her, she just rolled her eyes. She can assemble 1000 pieces before you finish reading this description.

She describes herself as a typical multipotentialist. We admit – we had to Google that, and now we can tell you that Ada’s characteristics are encapsulated in this word: she has many different interests, skills, quickly adapts to new situations, and enjoys challenges and diverse experiences. Undoubtedly, thanks to this, she perfectly navigates in the ever-changing world of marketing.

Ada in private? For relaxation, she cooks dishes from around the world or queues up outside the stadium waiting for a Rammstein concert. It depends on the weather at the time. Sometimes, she even grabs the guitar herself. Apparently, her TOP is Indian dishes. Apparently, because we’re still waiting for a sample in our company kitchen. She likes snapping photos, but rarely takes selfies. She’s crazy about Korean cosmetics. We could list her passions endlessly, but our characters are running out – just like her day to fulfill them all.

If your brand falls under the wings of this perfectionist, you can be sure that everything is in its place, buttoned up to the last detail. And finally, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief!

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