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Magdalena Firfa

Creative Leader


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She is not afraid of any storm. Especially the creative one. She will come up with a new concept for your brand before you Google how many people in Poland have her name.


  • – Arab princess
  • – event champion
  • – funny empress

Magda mocks the potential threat of AI and sees in it great potential and a chance for further development. She can also use artificial intelligence for social games and activities, which definitely makes our time together in the office more enjoyable.

She is the only one in the company who has an assistant – Janusz (KMWTW). Her desk can be seen from a distance – full of unusual pictures, gadgets and seemingly unnecessary things. It’s good that she’s capable – otherwise, her Boss would definitely not accept this chaos. Her space is a real source of creativity. After all, she comes up with concepts on the spot, and miracles take just a moment.

Magda is an excellent brainstormer and is able to engage the team in such a way that the best ideas for creative campaigns are created. She likes to celebrate winning tenders as they should. There are no half measures. After all, such brilliance must be appreciated, and this woman, no matter what, knows her worth.

Everything is always finished on time because she works quickly, efficiently and so as not to get too tired. Every day he drinks water from a glass: This is a lady. She knows everything about everyone because people confide in her at the snap of their fingers. Sometimes we suspect that there is something of a witch in her, but we are afraid to ask.

She likes to sing, fortunately not only Janusz Laskowski’s hits. She will dance and sing the Hercules soundtrack (even gospel fragments!), even if you wake her up in the middle of the night for integration. After all: Who do you want to charm if your heart is on the outside? It is known that all her concepts are the Avenue of Stars, she is the empress of creativity.

She always has the most vacation days, we still don’t know how she does it. She’s probably casting some magic on the calendar.

The Turkish atmosphere in her life is visible not only on Instagram travel reports, but also in her everyday work. After all, who else could have a real Turkish rug as a mouse pad? In her free time, she likes to read about serial killers, box and walk her Rottweiler. She can be dangerous, but just like her dog, she can be tamed after some time. You may end up a little damaged, but in the end – her sympathy is worth it.

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