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Oskar Król

Business Development Manager


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Beeffective’s first valedictorian. With him, every sale is done from the line up, as it should be. Process lover. It’s good that he doesn’t impose them on us, but implements them.

– smooth in front of the camera
– smartmouth by phone
– effective when making offers

Oskar at Beeffective may be one of your first contacts because he works in our Sales department. We’re sure he’s a good choice for first contact because he likes to talk. And he can get along. In German, Polish, English. He likes talking so much that he even hosts a podcast!

He is ambitious, which is visible from the first meeting. When we asked him what his superpowers were, he replied: Mastery in creating comprehensive 360° marketing strategies, the ability to build relationships based on trust in the sales process and the ability to translate ideas into social activities. We can add to this: it never stops working. He is the only one who thinks about work… at work, before work and after work. Even during integration he thinks about work. He likes projects so much that he also implements them after hours, when he leaves the office. He is an activist and social activist. Organizes youth initiatives and cooperates with various organizations. He is driven by visible results and subsequent successes.

He trains wrestling, so you can meet him on the mat, where, just like in business, he never gives up. A difficult opponent. His evil side is stealing sweets from various departments.

He calms down by running. Fortunately, both when running and acquiring new partners in our agency, he focuses on really long distances.

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